Auric Motors

Buying a car

Q. Can I buy a car online?

A. Google Maruti Suzuki Showroom and on the website find our inventory page select your desired model, compare and calculate EMI and book for the car. Your next vehicle can be pre-approved at all the outlets. It’s that simple!!

Q. Can I make alterations or modifications to the car?

A. Yes, the customer can do the needed modification or alterations to the car but with this, the warranty will lapse.

Q. Documents required to buy a car?

A. To bill a car documents required are; Adhar Card, Pan Card, Electricity bill, mobile number, mail ID, and last 3 years ITR.

Q. How Auric Motors is helping with car loans?

A. Car loan is to be taken by a customer him/herself. Auric Motors can only suggest loan amounts as per the car price. The process of loan taking has to be done by the customer. You can find details of loan requirements here.

Q. How soon car’s RC and number plate will be delivered?

A. RC delivered in 45 to 120 days. Number plate delivers in 2 days


Q. What are the maintenance intervals and cost per service?

A. Maintenance intervals are every 10000 km covered. The cost per service is:-

  • Minor- 4 to 4.5K
  • Major- 7 to 7.5K
  • Q. What is not covered under warranty?

    A. Below are the things that are not covered in the warranty:-

    1. Wear and Tear parts; clutch plates, brake pads, brake shoes etc.

    2. All consumables items

    3. All rubber parts in vehicle.

    4. Service scheduled parts like spark plugs, engine oil etc.

    Rest all are covered under warranty by Maruti Suzuki Showroom in Jaipur

    Q. Do you offer express services?

    A. Yes, Maruti Suzuki car showroom offers express services. Our turn around time is only 90 minutes.

    Q. What is the easiest way to schedule an appointment?

    A. You can book for car service online. Just fill out our service appointment form.


    Q. Do we provide roadside assistance and also pick-up and delivery services for accidental cars?

    A. Yes, Roadside assistance is available. You can search for Nexa showroom near me and get the desired services. Though services are chargeable, it’s quite affordable. We also provide chargeable Maruti on-road services.

    Accidental cars are neither picked up nor dropped by us. Basically, this was governed by the insurance company.

    Q. Do you offer assistance with vehicle trade-in appraisal?

    A. Yes, we do assist in vehicle trade-in appraisals. Simply, give us a call or fill out the contact form, and you will have all the required information at your hand.

    Q. What are the finance options available for cars?

    A. You can either give us complete payment or buy car on EMI. Here is our EMI calculator with all the needed information.

    Q. How Auric Motors is providing insurance services? What are the insurance plans?

    A. Maruti Suzuki Car Insurance provides several options to customers to insure their vehicle. This includes private sector and public sector companies both. Insurance is provided as per the need and demand of the customer and such plans will be discussed by your dealer at the time of buying.

    Moreover, you can renew your insurance here.


    Q. How can I get to know about the latest model?

    A. For that, you can subscribe to our newsletters and follow us on social media. You can contact us here.

    Q. Are there available special offers? And how do I get to know about it?

    A. Yes, from time to time, Maruti gives many special offers. For that we recommend you to check back our social media platforms frequently or just give us a call to know the running offers.